UnFOUNDchk - Recover data from .CHK files

17.06.2023, 21:41 - Autor: Mark B.

CHKDSK is the worst tool you can use when you want to recover data. The tool basically try to repair a damaged filesystem but deleting!!! damaged parts and files.

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Merging TimeMachine backup-snapshots

08.01.2022, 22:02 - Autor: Mark B.

Sometimes it can be difficult to recover a TimeMachine-backup. This is the case for example if a drive has many bad sectors and heavy filesystem corruption or if a head was failing and we are dealing with a partial recovery.

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Checking tool for stuck bits

31.03.2021, 21:47 - Autor: Mark B.

There is always a possibility that some data lane is shorted and thatfor alway deliver a 1 or a 0 for some bit. This tool test files and images for that issue and help to diagnose that phenomen.

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Sort JPEG-files by date within the EXIF-data into folders

11.11.2020, 14:27 - Autor: Mark B.

A RAW-recovery often end up with quite a big mess. Thatfor I wrote that small tool which sort all JPEG-images based on the date in the EXIF-data.

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HTML-filereport generator

15.10.2020, 12:04 - Autor: Mark B.

A lot of people will use Snap2HTML for that purpose but I personally don't like that Snap2HTML follows links and generates huge reports with the same files over and over again. So I wrote my very own...

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Merging multiple logical recoveries

14.10.2020, 11:42 - Autor: Mark B.

From time to time I got drives with the filesystem-catalogue in such a bad shape that I don't trust just one tool to get all data. After running multiple logical recoveries you need to merge them into one final folder which you hand over to the client.

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Merging multiple RAW recoveries

12.10.2020, 18:23 - Autor: Mark B.

A RAW-recovery is basically guesswork of a tool and so it is no surprise that some tools does this in some cases better then others. This script allow to merge multiple RAW-recovery attempts and sort the files by the file-extension.

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Counting 0x00 and 0xFF filled sectors in an image file

12.10.2020, 17:55 - Autor: Mark B.

Since TRIM come into play I wanted to have a fast indication if analyzing an binary dump with tools like r-Studio or UFS would even make sence ... On Linux (where I use that one mainly) I can also check the device-files easyly before imaging the drive.

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RAID mystery-box generator

12.10.2020, 13:36 - Autor: Mark B.

A easy tool for RAID-recovery training. This script allow you to generate "mystery-boxes" with unknown RAID-configuration to train solving such cases.

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