Platter extractor tweezers

17.03.2022, 12:23 - Autor: Mark B.
This tool is flimsy and not really the best option for the job but in case you are only learning or if you need to transfer platters to another housing very rarely can get the job done if you work carefully! So see that tool as alternative to scotts tape-method for some drives...

For some drives you have to maintain the alignment of the platters and there you need to use the tape-method the old CD-tower shaped clamp-tools otherwise you will destroy the data!!! In case the alignment of the platters to each other does not matter - this tools can be used.


$fn = 128;

// Platter diameter
// 95 for 3.5" and 65 for 2.5" platters
pd = 95; 

height = 2.8;
frame_thickn = 2.4;
frame = pd + frame_thickn * 2;

          cylinder(h=height, d=frame);
        scale([1,0.4,1.6]) rotate([45,0,0])
          translate([height/2, 0, 0])
            cube([height, pd, pd], center=true);
    // Shorten to half circle
    translate([0, 0, -frame - 2]) 
      cylinder(h=frame, d=frame + 5);
    // Open clamp on top
    translate([0, 0, -12.6]) 
      scale([1,0.4,1.6]) rotate([45,0,0])
        translate([1, 0, 0])
          cube([frame_thickn*3, pd, pd], center=true);
    // Cut out inner diameter from circle
    translate([-4, 0, 0]) rotate([0,90,0]) 
      cylinder(h=10, d=pd - frame_thickn/2);
    // Cutout for platter
    cylinder(h=1.6, d=pd);

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Windows, OSX or Linux with