SOIC8 spacerplate for DIY pogo-pin-adapter

14.09.2020, 21:19 - Autor: Mark B.
Pogo-pin-adapters come in handy in many cases but they are "pricy" and ordering them from USA or China take some time. On the other hand it's really easy to make some your own.

A flat ribbon-cable, a set of pogo-pins like Adafruit #2430 ( and a little bit soldering plus fine shrinkwrap or electrical tape and your make one in minutes.

I designed the wholes to pressfit the pogo-pins so if you are planning to 3D-print I would suggest to change circle(d=1); al teast to circle(d=1.1); for the most 3D-printers.


$fn = 128;

module Plate(){
        square([7, 8.2]);
        for(i = [1.5 : 5.1 : 6.6]){
            for(j = [1.6 : 1.27 : 6]){
                translate([j, i]) circle(d=1);

//linear_extrude(5) // Comment this line out for flat milling sketch

Download OpenSCAD file     Download DXF for a CNC mill     Download STL for a 3D printer

System requrements:

Windows, OSX or Linux with